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Round swirl diffuser NWO-11

Description and application

Round swirl diffusers NWO-11, with the function of changing the direction of the ventilation, willingly used in the industry and wherever to increase the level of comfort mentions a large amount of air. They have also the use in public buildings such as restaurants, conference rooms and hospitals. Change the direction of the flow of air from horizontal to vertical (pointing down), makes this diffuser especially useful in case the rapid heating-up or efficient cooling-levels of airflow direction. Changes in the direction of the airflow is followed by adjusting:
1. manual (RR)
2. Belimo actuator control (RS-E)
3. using a wax actuator (RS-W)
In the case of a diffuser with a wax actuator, the angle of the diffuser blades automatically changes depending on the supply air temperature. With this solution you don't need additional source of electricity or power.

Thanks to the movable diffuser blades round swirl diffusers NWO-11 can operate in either cooling function and heating.

Diffusers have the Hygienic Certificate HK/K/0522/01/2016

Material and workmanship

Diffusers are made of sheet steel powder coated, standard on the white color 9016 or on request to any color from the RAL palette. On request can be made of stainless steel or aluminum. Ceiling diffusers NWO-11 can be equipped with modular plate, for example size 595x595mm adapted for installation in ceiling suspended.




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Air stream range NWO-11/fi710